‘Tis The Season

Buyback season is almost upon us. Which means it’s time for a review!


Campus Runner Review

1. Text Your Customer Immediately

Always be sure to text your customer immediately upon receiving a text from our system. Try to contact them in 90 seconds or less. Even if you cannot meet them right away, it’s important to make contact with them so they aren’t left in limbo.

If the customer is left in limbo and they text our system confused, it begins a chain reaction through the Scholarlyy system. So you have a big responsibility to at least make contact with them immediately!


2. Mark Your Books With Masking Tape or Post-it Notes

Read closely, because this was not in your original training.

You will need to buy a roll of white masking tape, or post its, in order to mark each book you pick up with a certain ID number. This is a new development in the Scholarlyy system, which is precisely why you’re just now hearing about it. Scholarlyy will pay for the tape, so be sure to keep the receipt, take a pic, and send it to your supervisor. We’ll cover up to $5 for the tape.

What to do you with it? In your google sheets, there will be a column where each book will have an ID number. For example, if you attend the University of Florida and you’re picking up 3 textbooks from a customer, each one may be marked F-41, F-93, F-22.

1. Cut a small piece of tape or post it and put it on the top binding of the book. Make sure it sticks nice and well! (See image on this page to see example)
2. Use a permanent marker to write the ID number on the tape.
3. You’re all done to hand it off to your campus CEO

3. Be Sure Google Sheets is Working on Your Phone

Make sure to download the Google Sheets app on your phone. All ISBN #’s are loaded there, and it’s imperative that this is working when you go pick up books. If it’s not, you’ll have no idea what your getting!

Please download the app right now and make sure we’ve properly shared the Google Sheet with you. You should see you name and ID number within the sheet.


4. Checking Conditions and Binder Books

This is very very important.

You have the responsibility of checking to make sure a book passes inspection. It’s your duty to decide what condition the book is in, based on the condition standards we’ve provided in the training – under the ‘Meet Them on Campus’ section.

If the book does not meet inspection standards, tell the customer that we’re sorry, but we will be unable to buy that book from them. Then update it in your google sheets as “unacceptable.” Do not be scared to tell them no! It’s part of your job. Scholarlyy already buys many many books that most companies won’t, so they’ll still be happy with what they can get.

If Scholarlyy ends up buying a book that doesn’t pass inspection, it means we will be unable to sell it and we’ll lose money on the deal. Not so fun. So please do not take any books that are in poor condition. You’re our eyes and ears on the ground, so we’re relying on you to make a good decision.

If the customer has a binder book, please notify your supervisor immediately during the exchange. Do not take the book without first checking with your supervisor. Occasionally, the system will quote a book price based on a hardback, when the book they bring to the pickup is a binder book. There is a significant difference in value, so it’s imperative that we know this so we can re-offer them a new price for the binder book.


5. Runner Receipts

In case you need the link again to print out the receipts for your customers to sign, here it is.


6. Texting Streams

Always remember to text the system “Received” when you get a new pickup. Our system has to know that you’ve seen the new deal so we can ensure the customer is contacted immediately.

And then text “ID #### – completed” when an exchange is done. You’ll receive back a “Confirmed. User #### has been paid.”


7. Your Campus CEOS

Be sure to arrange a dropoff time for all of your books with your Campus CEO. Here is a list of all head campus CEO’s. Get in touch with the one at your school:

Kansas – Emily Luder –(913) 634-4936

Nebraska – Brian Jacobson – (913) 378-4181

Kansas State – Steven Schmidt – (913) 904-2797

Arkansas – Jonah Hope – (254) 722-8733

UMKC – Hannah Brinkmann  – (636) 751-1662

Mizzou – Nick Jenness – (816) 510-5540

Florida – Emory Zimmer – (513) 377-3660

South Florida – Chris Castle – (352) 603-0669

Central Florida – Alex Ludigger – (727) 543-0039


Time For a Review: