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4. Updating Google Sheets

Now that you’ve sold and shipped the book, it’s time to update it in your school’s official inventory database operated by Google Sheets. We use Google sheets because it updates and saves in real-time, and gives us the ability to make changes as well.
You will receive an invite to edit this sheet after this training is complete, so please look for it in your email. If you have any complications, get with your supervisor. We understand that you may not have any experience using Excel or Google Sheets, but we can assure you that this is very simple.
Essentially, you’ll do 4 main things inside the Google sheet after shipping a book: (1) Enter in the condition of each book as you go through applying ID #’s. (2) After you ship a book, type in the shipping amount into the book’s corresponding cell. (3) Mark an ‘x’ in the “sold” column. (4) Change the color of the row to green, indicating that the book has been successfully shipped and completed.

Step 1: Update the condition of each book

  1. As you’re going through and applying ID #’s for each book, check the condition as well. We mentioned the condition system on the last page, but we follow Amazon’s condition guidelines to a ‘T.’ You can view that here.
  2. As you work through each book, update the condition by manually entering in the content for each book in it’s corresponding cell. This will be highlighted orange in your Google Sheets.

Step 2: Insert Shipping Amount

  1. After shipping a book, find the book’s ID number inside the Google Sheet, or the corresponding ISBN #. Using the receipt you were given from USPS, enter the amount into the “Insert Shipping Cost” cell, which is a highlighted Salmon color. This includes the cost for shipping plus the cost for the mailer, if you had to buy one. Otherwise, if you were sent bubble mailers, simply key in the cost for shipping only. Please see below:
Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 2.06.14 PM

Step 3: Mark the Book as Sold Using an X

    1. In the sold column, simply enter in the letter “x” to the corresponding cell. Click enter. Your sheet will look identical to this. See column ‘R’ in the picture below:
Sold Column

Step 4: Change Row Color to Green

    1. The last step is to change the book’s row to green. To do so, click on the furthest left column of numbers. This will highlight the entire row. In this image, we have clicked the number “7,” which highlighted the entire row:
    2. Highlighting Whole Row
    3. From there, go to the color dropdown button, and click on the green color. If this color is not available, you may need to find it by clicking inside the custom box. See below:

    After you’ve completed the these steps, you’re all finished! As we mentioned before, this process may seem time consuming, but it actually is very quick, and you’ll get the hang of it after the first or second time. We just needed to spell out each detail just in case! In fact, you may be able to knock this all out on your phone within your Google Sheets app, immediately following the USPS visit –> after you confirm the shipment inside the Amazon store of course!
    Now, let’s take a quick quiz to be sure you’ve got it all. This will also serve as our confirmation that you’ve completed your training. After you’re finished, a Scholarlyy representative, or your supervisor will contact you.
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