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First of all, congratulations for being chosen for this position, because we don’t hand this job out lightly. We hand pick only one student at your school, and that’s you. We are stoked to have you join our team, and even more excited to see what we can accomplish together.

While you’re making money with Scholarlyy, you’ll also be getting a pretty kickass resume builder for your future dream job. And who knows, maybe we’ll even hire you on full time after you graduate. I mean let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to work for a sexy startup?! We have careers in marketing, advertising, finance, accounting, PR, communications, web and mobile development, graphic design, market research, blogging, etc…

But for now, let’s focus on your job at hand.

What are your job responsibilities as the Campus CEO?

A Scholarlyy Campus CEO is the leader and operator of Scholarlyy on a college campus. The main duties of the Campus CEO are:
  1. Manage the team of campus runners at your school.
  2. Temporarily store book inventory at your apartment/dorm/house.
  3. Ship all books at the end of finals week.
So let’s dive into each responsibility. If at any point you have questions, simply text or email your supervisor:

1. Managing Campus Runners

This sounds a bit more intense than it actually is. In fact, this won’t take you much time or effort at all. Essentially, campus runners are in charge of picking books up from students. But what exactly do the runners do with the books after they get them? That’s where you come in. You are in charge of coordinating the process of getting those books into your possession. Most campus CEO’s simply have their runners drop the books off at their place of residence after each pickup.
  • If the runners don’t or can’t drop off immediately following the exchange, it’s your responsibility to coordinate a time and place to pick those books up or have them dropped off. We recommend having your runners drop it off, that way it’s easier for you

1. Temporarily store book inventory at your apartment/dorm/house.

Scholarlyy resells many of its books on Amazon and to various other online marketplaces. And the way we are able to pay more for books and still sell them for less is because we don’t have to transport them from each school. The Campus CEO ships them all out at the end of finals week.

Depending on the size of your school, there can be anywhere from 100-1000 books, so you’ll need a bit of space for the storage. You can typically store 100 stacked books in a very small amount of space, so don’t worry if you’re in a small dorm room. However, if at any point you run out of space, just speak with you supervisor and we will find an alternate place.

Check Condition of Books:

As campus runners start bringing books to you, be absolute certain that each book passes a condition inspection. The runners are supposed to check condition upon pickup, but this is the second part to make sure it’s been double checked. You don’t need to spend a great deal of time looking through each book, but just keep an eye out for books that aren’t in very ;good condition. Special Note If the book is new, make sure it goes in the “Amazon” pile. This will make more sense in a second.

What to do with binder-books:

Every now and then, you’ll receive a binder book. Some students will give us their entire binder, while others will give us the loose-leaf set of papers. In order to properly handle these, take them out of the binders and wrap them in Saran or plastic wrap, or some other type of plastic in order to keep the sheets protected and in order.
Please do not ship the loose-leaf set of papers without some form of wrapping, as they will get out of order during the shipping process.

3. Selling and Shipping Books

The inventory that you keep on hand is listed in our online Amazon store. Each school has it’s own unique account, which your supervisor will have given you login credentials for. Here is the link to login.
Thankfully, you only have to worry about the books when they sell. You will get an email notification stating that a book has sold. But before we get to how to use the simple Amazon backend, let’s talk about shipping!
  1. When a book sells, you will login to Amazon and print off the packing slip for that specific book. We recommend using your school’s printing quota so you don’t have to pay for it.
  2. Now that you have the packing slip, it’s time to write the recipient’s address on the bubble mailer. If you were not sent a package of these, you’ll need to buy one (we will reimburse you) when you go to USPS (United States Post Office) and finish the following while at the store. They should cost about $1.89 at USPS.
    1. Quick note; USPS is it’s own entity, just like UPS and Fedex. USPS is the best shipping carrier for textbooks, so always use USPS and not any of the other carriers.
  3. Now, back to writing out the address on the bubble mailer. The name and address for the recipient will be labeled on the packing slip. Copy the corresponding name and address to the center of the bubble mailer, or the ‘TO’ box, and our Scholarlyy corporate address to the top left, or the ‘FROM’ box. Here is the Scholarlyy address:
    11909 Virginia Ave.
    Kansas City, MO. 64146
See below for a visual:
mailer (1)
  1. Once you have the packing slip in hand, Place the books and the corresponding packing slip inside the bubble mailer. Seal it.
  2. Then take the envelope to USPS (United States Post Office, NOT UPS OR FEDEX) and ship each book media mail.
  3. When you get to the front desk, tell them you need to ship textbooks, and ask for media mail. Pay the amount with your own money (you will be reimbursed by Scholarlyy), and keep the receipt because it has the tracking number on it.
  4. Snap a pic of the receipt for safe keeping.
  5. When you get home, or from your mobile device, enter the tracking number into Amazon and confirm shipment.

Whew. That’s actually a very simple process, but we wanted to spell it out in detail just in case! Essentially, get a bubble mailer, print the packing slip, copy the address onto the mailer, ship it at USPS, and confirm the tracking number.

Now, let’s talk about how to handle the backend of Amazon. There are 4 easy steps and they are all very easy and straightforward. When logged in:
  1. Click on ‘unshipped’:

    Step 1

  2. Click on Print packing slip:

    Step 2

    Step 3

  3. After you ship and retrieve a tracking number, click on confirm shipment

    Step 4

  4. Enter the tracking number, and click confirm shipment
Yep, it’s that easy. We’re almost done with the training too!

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